Tax Returns & Tax Projection

Believe it or not the year is almost over and it will soon be time to think about income tax preparation. Actually, we here at Lyle & Associates CPA are already thinking about those tax returns, and ways to improve the financial outcome for our clients.

Tax Projection

To that end we would like to sit down with you and go over your 2016 numbers and then prepare a tax projection. That will allow us to assess where you stand and how it can be made better through a variety of tax planning strategies.

For tax returns and tax preparation services, although we work with clients all over the country, our primary market is northeast Ohio, and specifically the Chagrin Valley, including the zip codes below.

  • 44022
  • 44023
  • 44139
  • 44120
  • 44122
  • 44124

It will be most effective if done before the holidays, and certainly will only be useful if completed before December 31st.

Please reach out if you think you might benefit from this service.