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A New Year, a New Start

Welcome to the New Year! At Lyle & Associates, we’re kicking it off with a new logo and a new website. We hope you approve.
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Tax planning

Tax-Saving Tips 2021 – Year-End Tax Planning

With a new Democratic Administration, there will be significant cutbacks in deductions for most businesses. That makes these 2020 tax planning tips all the more valuable. We are available to advise if you have questions regarding your specific situation.
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Covid-19 Policy

In a continued effort to keep all parties safe, Lyle & Associates are not scheduling in-person appointments until further notice. To contact us you may call, email, fax, or upload documents to our secure portal, ShareFile, where they are encrypted. We receive a notification when something has been uploaded.
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Are You Looking Forward to Retirement?

Most will answer with a resounding YES! Planning a tax-efficient strategy to generate needed cash flow in retirement requires foresight and a long runway.
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Professional Service Providers – How to Decide?

How do you begin to sort through the many professional service providers who are competing for your business? Here are a few thoughts.
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Estate and Beneficiary Planning

Included within the scope of estate and beneficiary planning are several issues that extend beyond just whether or not you have a will.
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Is Your Business Successful?

Would you be open to a collaborative trend analysis of your financial statements over the last few years?
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Focus on the Future during Chaos

Much like an artist, if you can ignore the chaos around you, you can hone in on what is important and needs your attention. Paint your own picture.
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How Much is it Worth?

It depends on what 'it' is. A professional valuator will understand your circumstances and use them to estimate a reasonable value for your business assets.
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What is Your Exit Strategy?

Are you a business owner? Or do you advise business owners? If so, one issue that should be front and center is that of exit strategy.
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