"It's only money."

"Yeah, but it's our money."

We hear you and we get it. That's why we work hard to make sure your money aligns with your business and personal goals.

Think of us first when you have questions about your personal and business finances. Chances are pretty good that we can help.

We are tax, financial planning, business advisory, and valuation professionals.

Our clients include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers, construction contractors, and professional service businesses, among many others.

That 3-letter word

Tax Planning / Preparation

Nobody likes paying taxes, but it's an unfortunate side-effect of making money. There are many ways to mitigate the pain using favorable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, but you have to know about them to benefit from them. That's where we come in.

Fail to plan, plan to fail

Financial Planning

As the old saying goes, if you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. Creating a plan can give you comfort, but implementing it will give you control. We can help.

We can be part of your team

Business Advisory

How well do you know your numbers? We're talking about the ones below 'Sales' on your P&L, the ones below 'Bank Account' on your balance sheet. We can help you look beneath the surface to gain insight into where your dollars are going so that you can make better decisions. You might be surprised at what we'll find.

So what's it all worth?


You've built a successful business that supports your family. Someday you'll no longer be able to move it forward on your own. What is your ultimate goal: to sell it, pass it along to the next generation, or just turn out the lights and lock the door behind you? Before you can begin to plan for any of those eventualities you need to know what it's worth, and that's what we do.

Other Services

We have a network of strategic partners such as investment advisers, business and estate planning attorneys, retirement plan administrators, insurance professionals and bankers, among others, with whom we collaborate on the work that our clients need but we don't do. Together we make a pretty good team.

In order to transition your business to new management you need to be ready to share your "institutional knowledge". That's the stuff you carry around in your head that nobody else knows about. You also need to hire the right people, and groom them to successfully carry your legacy forward after you're no longer involved. That takes a lot of careful planning over an extended period of time. Ready to get started? We're here to  advise you throughout the process.

Are you hoping to pass your business on to the next generation, or sell it to a key employee, or another non-family member? There are many considerations, but they all center on being prepared. That means positioning the company for the future, with the right team members and established systems and processes. If the business is dependent upon your presence in order to grow, its future is in doubt after you're gone. Don't let that happen to you.

A successful business must have adequate working capital, and cash is king. Many a business owner has asked me, how can I be paying tax on profits when I don't have any money in the bank? The answer is in the numbers, and they're sitting right there on your balance sheet. Do you know how to really look at them? We can help with that.

Raises, or bonuses? Based on tradition, or merit? The way to achieve high employee performance is to use incentives as a motivator. Have you developed KPIs - Key Performance Indicators - to measure and reward productivity? With our help you can create meaningful data upon which to base your incentive compensation. The numbers don't lie.

Pension plans, 401(k) plans, cash balance plans, SIMPLE IRA plans. Cafeteria plans, premium-only plans, health insurance plans, dependent care benefit plans. What are they, and how do you choose the best ones for your company? We can help you understand and evaluate your options.

Many small businesses don't need a full-time Controller or Chief Financial Officer. However, too often inexperienced but loyal   employees are tasked with these duties, with no experience or training to help them. By serving in one of those roles on a part-time, as-needed basis, we can aid and coach your employees in a non-threatening way to generate more accurate and timely financial statements for use by management, the bank, and your outside tax and audit firms. Everybody wins.

Want to get started?

We are available and will get back to you quickly, unlike some of the "other guys".

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