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Our tax planning services allow us to help you with a broad variety of tax-saving strategies.

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For Businesses

  • Income tax preparation for corporations and partnerships
  • Quarterly and year-end tax projections and related advice to minimize tax liabilities
  • Cash flow forecasting for tax payments

We also service non-profits.

For Individuals

  • We prepare taxes for individuals, and estates and trusts
  • Long- and short-range tax planning throughout the year to minimize tax costs
  • Quarterly estimated tax calculations

We’ll take a look at your income throughout the year, so that you pay your withholdings and/or quarterly estimated tax payments in accordance with your predicted tax liabilities. Additionally, if you know in advance what you’re going to owe, you can take steps to reduce or otherwise manage your tax bill.

Financial Planning Coordination

Every effective team needs a leader and that includes your financial advisory team. Our objective coordination of your various financial advisers includes:

  • Wealth managers
  • Bankers
  • Attorneys
  • Insurance professionals
  • Business and personal financial planning consultants, etc.

We bring important issues to the table and act as the lead professional in assigning and monitoring their resolution. Additionally, we provide a secure portal for your authorized advisers to access, which can bring together all of the pieces of your financial picture, including wills and trusts, shareholder agreements, tax returns, insurance policies, retirement plan details, etc.

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