Personal Accounting in Cleveland, Canton, Chagrin Falls, and Akron, OhioAchieving business goals is important but so is taking care of your own future.

Lyle & Associates will help you get what YOU want out of life. We offer a number of valuable tax and financial services for individuals and families.

Our personal services include:
Income Tax Preparation
We prepare taxes for individuals, estates and trusts, corporations and partnerships.
Long- and Short-Range Tax Planning
We do more than prepare taxes. We help our clients plan throughout the year to minimize tax costs.
Quarterly Estimated Tax Calculations
We’ll take a look at your income throughout the year, so that you pay your withholdings and/or quarterly estimated tax payments in accordance with your predicted tax liabilities. Additionally, if you know in advance what you’re going to owe, you can take steps to reduce or otherwise manage your tax bill.
Personal Financial Planning
We understand that it is important for you to send your children to college, minimize estate taxes and retire comfortably. We’ll provide you with a personal financial statement, determine your net worth and help you get the most out of your education savings, trusts, life insurance plans and other personal planning options.
Estate Planning and Use of Trusts
Do you know if you have the right estate plan in place? Do you know what trusts can and can’t accomplish? Have you reviewed your beneficiary designations recently? In the end, estate taxes can take more than 50% of your assets. We can help you reduce these taxes and administrative costs.
Insurance Assessment and Personal Risk Management
Do you have enough and the right kind of life insurance? Disability insurance? Do you have the appropriate property & casualty and excess liability insurance coverage? Have you selected deductibles to minimize premium costs?
Cash Flow Analysis
How do your income and cash flow, both current and planned, fit with your financial plans? Will you have enough money to send the kids to college, retire, or deal with a death or job loss of a key wage-earner? We have the tools to help you analyze your situation and plan for any eventuality.
Bill Payment and Personal Accounting
If you find that you’re too busy or don’t want the worry of monthly bill management, we’ll keep your checkbook, pay your personal bills, and keep track of how you spend your money.

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